BT has finished upgrading its exchanges as part of efforts to stop scammers exploiting telephone lines which are held open

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Eon Energy to pay £7 million for failing to supply advanced meters


Fraudsters used to be able to pretend to be from a bank to con people into giving out financial details.

Now when a person hangs up, an incoming call to a BT line should disconnect within two seconds. Regulator Ofcom says similar changes have been made to most of the UK’s other major phone networks. Thousands of people have lost money to scammers who have exploited the fact that a telephone line would previously stay connected.

The fraud works when criminals ring someone pretending to be from the police or a bank’s fraud department. To convince the victim they are genuine, the fraudster asks him or her to hang up and call their bank immediately.But the scammers stay on the line waiting for the victim to make the call, and may even play dial tones down the line to convince them they are dialling out even though the line is still connected.

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Rhys Boven
Rhys Boven
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